Frequently Asked Questions2023-08-01T18:15:51-10:00

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Streamout offer?2023-08-01T18:05:43-10:00

We are a full service live event streaming provider. That includes any and all of the steps required to broadcast an event on the internet.

Can you provide examples of livestreaming events you’ve done in the past?2023-08-01T18:06:23-10:00

Absolutely! Please contact us and we’ll provide you with a link to our latest examples of work.

Can you handle both small-scale and large-scale events?2023-08-01T18:06:33-10:00

Yes. We do events of all sizes from just small but important audiences of just 5 people, right through to very high profile events with 100,000 simultaneous viewers.

What types of events do you typically cover?2023-08-01T18:08:00-10:00

We are a government and corporate event specialist along with community events. We do not cover weddings or sporting events.

Do you have a Studio that we can use?2023-08-01T18:32:53-10:00

Yes. We have access to, and partner with Canberra’s top studio spaces.

Do you offer multi-camera setups for livestreaming?2023-08-01T18:07:01-10:00

Absolutely. We partner with Canberra’s best cinematographers to deliver seamless multi camera productions.

Do you work with Government?2023-08-01T18:38:00-10:00

We work with Commonwealth government departments all the time and understand the unique issues associated with government events.

Can you stream to multiple platforms simultaneously (e.g., Facebook, YouTube, etc.)?2023-08-01T18:07:33-10:00

Yes. This is common as different platforms have different benefits so clients routinely stream to multiple destinations.

How can do you ensure a reliable internet connection for the livestream?2023-08-01T18:08:07-10:00

In the first instance, we’ll test the house internet connection if it is available as a hardwired venue connection does tend to be the most reliable.

If a venue connection is not available, we’ll use one of our custom, Pepwave 5G bonded internet appliances. These devices have 4 connections at any time.

Do you offer post-event recordings or archives of the livestream?2023-08-01T18:07:45-10:00

All of our events are recorded and a copy is provided to the client within 24 hours.

Do you offer technical support during the livestream event?2023-08-01T18:08:18-10:00

Yes. This is available at a cost effective rate.

Are there any additional fees for travel or accommodation if my event is outside your base location?2023-08-01T18:08:27-10:00

We routinely travel interstate and as additional costs are incurred, we on-charge those costs.

How can I get in touch with you to discuss my specific livestreaming needs?2023-08-01T18:08:34-10:00

All of our events start with a chat. Please contact us.


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